Objectives Blog OABRJ (Leviathan) VERSUS Fernando Claro Dias, lawyer, formed in 1982, UFRJ, created in 2012, read and more than 110 parents, with 245 thousand hits on this date

Space created to report illegalities in the Wadih Damous administration (2007 to 2012) during its two terms in the presidency of OAB / RJ.

Canceled Definitive Registration, a registered lawyer and with an uninterrupted institutional relationship of 25 years with the Leviathan Institution, in 2007 - VIA FAX, originated in a different State of the RJ Branch, whose telephone number is owned by a legal entity, without any Without requiring the original documents mentioned in Fac Simiile, within five days as required by Law no. 9800 of May 26, 1999, art. 2nd, single paragraph,

Instead of licensing me, at a time when I was suffering from severe depression, duly and thoroughly documented by public agencies, such as reports, medical prescriptions, prescription drugs, prescription drugs and psychiatric treatment under SUS, taking In view of the clear and cowardly omission and refusal to attend CAARJ - Caixa de Assistência dos Advogados do Rio de Janeiro.

The president violated the constitutional, legal and EAOAB procedures, ignored the lawyer's sincerity and good faith, at a time of serious vulnerability, repeatedly refusing to speak with the plaintiff, applying the medieval Provimento n.42 / 78 , Which makes the lawyer in debt to the OAB a slave, as they did in Classical Rome.

Given this, I was forced to leave my homeland, Rio de Janeiro, and it was only when I paid debits with the OAB / RJ Section that I was allowed to enroll in the OAB / ES in 2011. But I am finding great difficulties for Re-enter the labor market, because currently, the elderly. With 62 years of age, I do not have pension nor retirement.

Here, I share legal knowledge with a view to returning to advocacy.

I hope to count on the collaboration of solidarity colleagues and if you want bigger and more detailed information you can search the blog itself for the initial publications of the year 2012 and // or make contact with Fernando Claro through this blog or by email: fernandoclaro.dias@gmail. with

I ask God to continue giving me the strength and courage to persevere in pursuit of Justice, based on the Principle of the Dignity of the Human Person, without prejudice to other valuable fundamental rights of a constitutional and international character.

God is the magistrate.

JUSTICE to the humiliated and offended!

Fernando Claro Dias
OAB / 18.480 / ES
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